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COVID-19 Protocol

Bohemian Gardens Hotel has the health, safety and security of our guests and team members as our highest priority.

New operating procedures and guidelines including a response plan regarding the exposure and prevention of the COVID-19 spread has been implemented. These will be implemented in order to keep our guests, employees and the wider community healthy and safe.

Our goal is to offer the high-quality services we are known for and at the same time, secure the safety and health of our guests and team members in all areas of operations. These procedures will see new ways of working in all departments including Reception, Housekeeping, Restaurants, Bars, Kitchens, Maintenance, Staff areas, Fitness and Gym areas, Swimming pools and other areas of operation.

The new measures aim to cover a wide range of hotel operations and we have paid close attention to the World Health Organisation recommendations as well as the European and National legal requirements considering the COVID-19 preventative measures and includes an emergency plan in case of a suspected or confirmed case.

It is important we update you on the actions and measures we have taken in response to the outbreak to ensure your safety and protection during your stay with us.


  • Occupancy management will be implemented to limit the occupancy of the hotel based on the national guidelines.
  • Face masks will be worn by the reception teams.
  • Protective gloves and masks will be available in all guest rooms on arrival.
  • Frequent disinfection of the reception area.

Room Cleaning

  • All rooms will be supplied with disinfectants, gloves and masks for guests to use throughout their stay.
  • All non-essential items such as magazines, stationary, tea and coffee facilities and decorative pillows and covers will be removed from all rooms.
  • Room cleaning will take place only when guests are not in the room and by using suitable disinfectant and disposable paper as recommended by the local government.
  • Personal protective equipment will be worn by every team member and will be changed for each room cleaning.
  • All hard surfaces and frequently used items such as switches and remote controls will be disinfected daily.
  • A deep clean and disinfection will take place prior to a guests check-in.
  • Commonly used public areas including toilets and hotel lobby areas will be disinfected every hour.
  • A “Response Team” will be created in each hotel and undergo an intensive training program based on the cleaning and
  • disinfecting of an occupied room where there is a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case.
  • Self-isolation rooms will be made available to accommodate any guests with suspected cases of COVID-19 where
  • hospitalizing is not required.

Bars & Restaurants

  • Hand sanitisation to be completed on entry to every restaurant or bar.
  • Protective gloves must be worn when using serving utensils, which will be limited to live cooking stations and individual portion buffet areas.
  • All utensils and equipment will be changed every 30 minutes.
  • Set time dining will be implemented in all restaurants.
  • All restaurants will be re-designed to allow 1.5 – 2metre distancing between tables.
  • Single use table cloths and napkins will be in operation for all restaurants.
  • Team members will wear personal protective equipment at all times.
  • All bar areas will be re-designed and follow strict procedures to allow 1.5 – 2metre social distancing.

Swimming Pools & Surrounding Areas

  • Sun beds will be arranged with a 1.5 – 2metre distance.
  • Guests should observe social distancing measures when using the hotel pools.
  • Sunbeds and Umbrellas will be disinfected each day.
  • Non-essential items will be removed from the pool areas.
  • Pool water will be treated with appropriate disinfection products and as per extensive company procedures for water management.
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